Druid Cat Form in Wrath of the Lich King – What You Should Know About the Druid Cat Form

The druid’s cat form is sort of a rogue in some aspects because it has an energy bar and combo points in order to use most abilities. Druids that make use of their cat form learn will an ability called Track Humanoids which will create a stealth cat Druid perfect for ambushing enemies, especially in a PvP setting. In fact this ability, once you have it, will always activate when you shape shift into your cat form.

– The Feral talent Feral Swiftness will allows a Feral Druid to travel with thirty percent more speed before Druids get their Travel Form; this will cut down greatly on downtime through traveling until then.

– Cat Form druids also have an arsenal of very sticky physical damage over time abilities which can be used to great effect to tear casters apart in PvP.

Important things you need to know about cat form:

– The Attack Power in cat form is increased by the formula: (Strength x 2) + Agility + (Character Level x 2) – 20.

– Cat Form’s damage and DPS will not be affected by the current weapon that you have equipped, of course except for their contribution from Agility, Strength and straight attack power.

– Procs from “Chance on Hit” enchantments on weapons, since Patch 3.0, will now work while in Cat Form which includes weapon enchantments and temporary weapon enhancements, such as Windfury Totem.

The talents that are crucial for a Feral Druid who likes his cat form are:

– Furor

– Naturalist

– Natural Shape shifter

– Feral Instinct

– Thick Hide

– Feral Swiftness

– Sharpened Claws

– Predatory Strikes

– Blood Frenzy

– Faerie Fire (Feral)

– Heart of the Wild

– Leader of the Pack

– Predatory Instincts

– Mangle



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