GDI Downline Building and How to Be a Success With Global Domains International

If you are wondering how the same people appear on Global Domains Internationals Leader board week after week I am about to tell you. It is not by any kind of luck that's for sure, each of these people have their own strategic method of appearing on the leader board and making $ 100's and sometimes even into the $ 1,000's per week with GDI.

Now I am guessing that you might be new to GDI or sometimes you have not yet signed up, either way I am going to give you some free tips on making money. Firstly I have been in Global Domains for a little over a year now and for the first 6 months I found it hard to make money through no fault but my own. In fact I was going to cancel my membership of $ 10 per month at one stage because I just could not work out how to make money with it. The problem was I would check my website statistics every day and would see one or two hit logs had been made but no signups. It was my fault because because I was not taking action to get more people in to see my business opportunity.

You will find a lot of people in Global Domains want you to join up and then offer no after sales help at all and then wonder why their downline never grows because people get frustrated and leave. The main key to making it in GDI is to help your downline grow and that means sharing your strategies for getting traffic and extremely paying customers to your website. I honestly do not understand why so many people are not willing to help out the people in their downline achieve their goals after all it benefits you as well.

Here are a few ways to bring in new customers to your GDI Affiliate Downline and watch it grow.

1. Youtube: Video Marketing sites are huge right now and by creating videos showing you logging into your Global Domains account once you are starting to make money can really help your traffic and downline grow as people get excited when they can see this with their own eyes as compared to just reading it. Until you are making money though you can still create videos, but these videos should be of yourself talking about Global Domains and how the system works. If you do this you can build up healthy relationships with prospective customers. People will warm to you and see what you have to offer.

2. Social Media Websites: Websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Hi5 etc. These websites are great for affiliate marketing. However you should only do this among your friends, I do not recommend spamming people in any way. All you have to do is provide your link in your status update and see if you have any interest amongst your friends. If they are interested they are going to ask you about it and go from there. If they join then they can do the same thing and have some of their friends join which will help your downline grow. I run a status update once a month and recommend it to everyone to do the same and I have watched my downline grow quite quickly through this.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Not enough can be said for how important this is. You need the search engines to pick up your website for the relevant keywords. This is not usually a very easy task to complete and should be something that you constantly work on while utilizing all your other methods to build your downline.

4. PPC (Pay per Click) When this is done right it can really build the downline quickly. A lot of people in Global Domains make the mistake of advertising for search keywords like Global Domains or GDI without realizing this is the wrong market to be advertising to through PPC. They do not realize that a huge percentage of the people typing in these keywords are already in fact Global Domains Affiliates who could be just looking for a little more information on building their downline.

Instead look at keywords such as home business, and making money online. Of course these keywords are a lot more expensive and this does take quite a bit of research to get a good keyword list together that does convert into downline members. I recommend PPC after you have utilized your YouTube and Social Media methods. PPC is something you should look at after you have made a bit of money with GDI and can afford to reinvest your profits to build on your downline.



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