Honda City Ivtec – King of Small Sedans

I have been driving a Honda small sedan for three years. Honestly, so far I have never had serious problems with this car. My general impression about this light sedan is that this car offers some advantages such as fuel efficiency, nice design, advanced engine technology, and value for money.

Now, I am thinking of buying 2009 all new Honda City to replace my current car. However, I face a very serious problem with my plan. The price of 2009 all new Honda city increases sharply. It is almost US$ 8,000 higher. Wow, it is really amazing. If I notice the price of its competitor, 2009 Toyota Vios, 2009 all new Honda City seems unbelievable. Below is just a short review of 2009 All new Honda City.

Completed with a totally new exterior style and some elements of the stylish Accord, the 2009 model is completely different from the previous generation. The new version of exterior gives impression that all forces end at the front side and the streamline design looks like “arrow”.

The new engine, which is also same as the one used by the new Honda Jazz, is equipped with I-VTEC technology which provides excellent performance and flexibility without sacrificing fuel economy or emission factor. The new engine gives the Honda City 100PS, 17 PS increase over the previous model. This powerful engine can achieve 0-100 km/h in just 11.8 seconds for the manual version while the automatic version hits 100 in 14.7 seconds.

In order to have smoother changes, the manual transmission for Honda City is a modified with carbon synchromesh. The Automatic transmission is all-new and adds the option to shift gears with steering wheel mounted paddles for the first time.

The 2009 model has been improved in terms of quality of materials, aesthetics and functionality. Bigger storage capacity around the cabin including a bigger glove box improves practicality, while a new design of seats improves passenger and driver comfort.

The design changes are complimented by several improvements to the Noise Vibration and Harshness technologies applied to the car. A host of new features in the body, interior, suspension, engine and mountings have been included to bring further refinement to Honda’s newest sedan. The NVH enhancements allow customers to make the most of the new audio system which offers iPod connectivity and better sound quality.

The all new Honda City is basically based on the platform of new Honda Jazz, and benefits from the many of the technologies seen in the new hatchback. The longer wheel base offers significant improvements such as interior space and better handling. Safety performance is also improved with the adoption of the ACE Body Structure (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), which protects occupants of both cars in the event of a collision between vehicles of different heights.

In conclusion, 2009 Honda City is the best choice among small sedans in the market. Its strengths lie on good fuel consumption, stylish design, bigger interior space, comfort, and easy handling.



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