How to Make $2000 a Week Doing Nothing, Instantly and Legally

If you ever dreamed of making money without doing anything legally and you don’t need any skills to do it, then there is a dream job out there for you right now! In fact, sometimes it is encouraged that you’re lazy, drink and eat a lot or do anything that you want! The people who are giving the money to you are desperate for people like this. So how can you earn $2000 a week without doing nothing?

To earn that money and do nothing, you have to work as a lab rat. That is, you are a person which companies, government organizations or university test medication on. In short quick terms, it means you are a drug tester.

The people who are doing the testing will test how effective the medication are. To qualify for the test or study, you have to pass a set of medical history and test such as blood work, urine analysis, blood pressure, weight, height and many other medical tests. If you passed and made it into the test, you can make a lot of money.

In the tests, you might have to stay at the organization for a while to test the efficacy of the medication, so most of the time you are doing nothing. Most probably you’ll do anything you want during the tests, but occasionally you’ll have to do a blood test or some medical tests to see if there is any changes to your body. Sometimes you are allowed to stay home and report back after a few days. After you finish the test or study, you will receive a pay check from them. You can earn $6000 for 20 days or even $23,000 for 3 months! Usually the higher the risk from the medication, the higher the pay!

A lot of organizations such as NASA, drug companies such as Pfizer or large universities conduct these tests. It’s very easy to apply for, all you need to do is contact any large university or drug company and ask if there any studies going on that you can apply for.



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