How to Make Money Online With Social Networking

Ever Heard of Google Adsense? Well if you haven’t hears a brief and shocking into to the subject. Kids in Texas have recently reported making over $2,000 per month by simply allowing Google to place text ads on their MySpace and Facebook pages. But woah, how is this possible?

Well the key to making money online is traffic, and traffic is like air. Without it were dead, there’s no way around it. Because these kids have thousands and thousands of friends, that means that they have the potential to get thousands of hits per day on these ads & banners. And even though they may only be getting a couple of cents per click or hit the earnings will add up at the end of the month.

If you’re thinking about making money online social networking sites like these two are keys to incorporate in your arsenal. You must remember that millions of people are registered members of these sites and log on everyday to check their profiles and the newest updates. While they do this they usually view their friends pages, & their friends pages, & their friends pages, & so on. Everyone’s profile gets viewed on these social networking sites, whether you want your site to or not.

So what if I own a website or promote a product?

Well that’s the best part. These social networking sites haven’t left anything out and they have groups & communities of people of all ages & locations around the world. You can be sure to find a community in almost any subject area that you are looking to exploit. And by targeting specific communities we know that it will increase our conversion rate and give us a better opportunity of making money online.

Now this is what I’m trying to get at here. It doesn’t matter how you want to make money online, because you can find a way to make it as long as you have visitors. And with these social networking sites, you’re sure to get visitors. Maybe you can directly promote products by signing up as an affiliate using your sense to figure out what your friends would be most interested in. So say your friends love the game of baseball. Why not sign up for a free clickbank account and put a couple of links to baseball products throughout your profile & page. You will be making a commission every time your link is clicked on and a sale is made from your link, so what’s the harm in trying?



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