Promotion is King – Content is Queen

You’ve built yourself a website, but you’re not ranking on Google, Yahoo, or MSN. First things first you must make sure that your title tags tell the search engines what your page contains. If your page contains specific information about a topic then don’t just include your company name in the title, say what the page contains and then at the end have the company name. Only the home page should contain just the company name. Why you ask? Because all these search engines take into account the title of a page and use it to decide what the page is about.

Ok, moving onto the main point of this article. Promotion is king, content is queen. You’ve probably heard everywhere that content is king. Build it and they will come mindset. If you think that’s true then why do people spend vast sums of money on advertising? Obviously you may not have vast sums of money. In this case you obviously need above average to good quality content. You then need some kind of publicity stunt or viral marketing campaign. The idea is you need people to think “what!? that’s crazy”. It could be a hilarious video or you may remember the web site that showed photos of bonsai cats (which was fake 🙂 ). Doing something outrageous as a key marketing asset has been attributed largely to P. T. Barnum, one of the most well known people who mastered the skill

On the Internet this type of strategy to build traffic is often referred to as linkbait, because it causes people to want to link to outrageous content on your site. I’ve avoided using the word good content because many web sites have ‘good’ content but only manage to accumulate a few links. You may be one of them. I’ve written good quality articles which I thought would be very useful and people still haven’t linked to them. However the person who sold pixels of advertising space in a bid to make a million got thousands of links. Is that ‘good’ content?

Once you’ve written an article or made some kind of material that makes people think “wow I must tell my friends” then you need to seed it. People still won’t just stumble across your material and it needs seeding to as many people as possible. You can leave comments on relevant blog posts, or you can post your material to social bookmarking sites like www.digg.com, as well as posting to forums.

The key thing is discussion within a community. You need to actively take part in the community otherwise people will ignore you and discard you as one of the many Internet marketers that hassles them. This is especially true on sites such as http://www.digg.com where people vote for stories to reach the front page. So many stories are submitted that if you don’t have friends to vote for your stories they will be buried with thousands of others never to be seen.

P.T. Barnum and hoax marketing are hot topics in today’s world. Joe Vitale wrote a great book which received excellent reviews called There’s a Customer Born Every Minute This is a great place to begin thinking about business in new ways.



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