Ten Good Reasons To Carry Pin Money

Pin money is an old term meaning pocket-money used to buy personal and household goods. It had its origin in the 14th century when craftsmen made decorative clasps for the hair or garment. These were relatively expensive and in short supply.

Parliament set legislation limiting merchants to sell decorative pins in open shops only on January 1st and 2nd each year. Women would flock to the depots to buy their pins.

Centuries later, when pins were mass-produced and inexpensive, a woman used this money other household essentials.

I recall my grandmother and her friends speaking of pin-money for Saturday market days. They, too, meant pocket cash for their own essential purchases.

Here are 10 good reasons to carry your own pin-money:

  • Carrying pocket cash feels good.
  • In the case of an emergency, cash is king.
  • Cash is convenient for small purchases. It’s a quick transaction.
  • Cash is better for tipping – it gives immediate, positive feedback to the server. Also, 100% of a cash tip goes to the server.
  • When splitting a lunch bill or you owe another person money, cash is handier.
  • Most dollar discount stores only accept a few limited credit cards or cash.
  • Credit and debit cards don’t always swipe properly. Magnetic strips can wear beyond readability.
  • Yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc. requires bargaining. Holding cash in hand as you haggle is powerful.
  • Some things just come up and cash is necessary, such as a neighbor collecting for charity or student involved in a school-related fundraiser.
  • Cash helps you develop careful spending habits. We don’t think much about putting $100 on a credit card, but taking $100 of cash in hand and spending it is something altogether different.

Refuse to be part of the herd mentality. Cash is empowering. Always carry pocket-money and feel equipped for the unexpected.



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